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The COVID Roulette – A great publication about the madness of our time

Book review by György Domokos VARGA

I have read many excellent books courtesy of Carpathia Studio, but I think Thierry Baudet's is the most excellent, at least of the dozen or so I have read. If anyone, it is me, who has an insight into the incredible complexity and complexity of the subject in question, having dealt with it myself and struggled with it myself. Árpád Szakács, the owner and director of the publishing house, asked me – maybe a year and a half ago – whether I would write a comprehensive book on the domestic and world developments in silovid. At that time, I had already written a very short and very to the point summary of the Understanding ’COVID’ (György Domokos VARGA), which has since been clicked on by almost 10,000 people on Szilaj Csiko. In response to my article, our chief editor, Ferenc Vukics – who is incredibly good at seeing through anything he gets his teeth into – found himself saying that he could not have written it so well. And I am now forced to admit that, although I have been deeply involved in the various aspects of silicon dioxide from the very beginning, and although I have written about, for example, the silicon dioxide issue from the very beginning, I have not been able to write about it. I could not have written a long series on "Deciphering Operation World Domination, codenamed Covid 19", I could hardly have produced a work as clear, readable and instructive as the one by T. Baudet, which presented the events and the context so clearly and convincingly.

But it was not because of any such latent credulity or doubt that I turned down Árpád Szakács's offer – but because I thought that by the time he told me, a relatively large number of people had already begun to deal with the bloodcurdling falsehoods of our covert world, the life-shattering irresponsibility and depravity of its various actors, and so anyone who really wanted to could find out more about it on the World Wide Web. And I feared that I would be able to boast that I had even written a good book on another serious subject, but its unsold copies – because the general public, who have given up reading books, are now unsellable – would be standing in piles, and the poor publisher (poor Arpi Szakács), instead of making a good profit, would lose a lot of money.

However, as reality has since proved, not only in terms of the choice of author, but also in this respect, a good decision has been made: I was recently informed that work on the new edition of the paper book is well under way. The general public has therefore proved to be a buyer after all...

I have no choice but to ponder and reflect on the reasons for this positive reception. In this way, we will probably discover the virtues of the prestigious work Covid Roulette, its author and publisher.

A moment well captured

I know that I should begin with a well-deserved tribute to the book and its author, but I have experienced often enough that no matter how excellent a book may be, if it fails to capture the interest of the general public, it will die with a sigh. And the reverse is also true: with skilful, persistent advertising and a clever way of riding the public mood, even the most pedestrian work can generate plenty of interest (especially among people of all ages and from all walks of life who are still searching for their place and their way).

The public mood in Covides has just undergone a radical change. The tireless struggle of freedom- and justice-fighters like Thierry Baudet from the Netherlands – and like our own Árpád Szakács – has borne fruit in the world and in Hungary. What was almost unimaginable even a few months ago, happened a few weeks ago: the semi-official newspaper of the Fidesz-led government, Magyar Nemzet, published a plain-speaking article by one of the popular opinion leaders, Tamás Fricz, in which the author writes quite unvarnishedly about the obviously serious and harmful side effects of "covert vaccination". Vaccine victims must be dealt with! And as soon as possible! – the title of the article called for, but the subtitle left no doubt that new winds must now blow in the mainstream on the silica issue: „Enough of silence on the subject! A large part of the world is now dealing with vaccine victims."

I would venture to say that this article is a mortal dagger for all those in Hungary who are still trying to figure out how to make any kind of profit – financial or political – from the covid fear-mongering and "vaccination" quackery. But the greatest benefit of the emergence of such articles and manifestations in the mainstream is certainly that not only the individuals of the public, who are often labelled extremists and radicals, are showing interest in the silovid reality, but also virtually everyone.

So there was a good reason for the Hungarian publisher to move quickly and publish Thierry Baudet's book with lightning speed. I know from Szakács himself that it took him about a month to complete the huge task, from translation to book distribution! And what is even more gratifying for me than this dazzling achievement is that this speed has not been accompanied by any regrettable deterioration in quality, either in the quality of the translation or in the – only occasional – typos.

The role of the Toroczkai

Continuing along the path I have already begun, and not yet praising the book and its author, I must emphasise the decisive role played by Our Fatherland, and above all by the president of this radical nationalist party, László Toroczkai, among the ingredients of its success.

The same was true of Hungary as of Western democracies in general when it came to the silica issue: right-wing and left-wing parties, be they nationalist, conservative, Christian, or even liberal, social democratic, socialist, green or even communist, joined together with their members of parliament in a mainstream canon which we now know – thanks to The Covid Roulette – was not created by chance but was shaped by considerations of power in the background. The only exception among these parties in Hungary was Mi Hazánk, whose president and some of its leading figures left Jobbik, which had previously billed itself as a radical nationalist party, because it had spectacularly abandoned both its radicalism and its commitment to the nation, in the hope of becoming more presentable and gaining more mass support.

In September 2021, when even in Hungary it was virtually only possible to obtain credible knowledge and opinions from the "dissident", "alternative" media, Dóra Dúró, vice-president of Mi Hazánk, gave a substantial and calm speech in the Hungarian Parliament, backed up with data, facts and arguments. At the end of her speech, she summarised her party's position:

  • Our Homeland protests against discrimination against the unvaccinated;

  • We, the People of Hungary, oppose compulsory vaccination;

  • We oppose the discrimination against the vaccination of children;

  • We oppose vaccination and cannot support any closure at a later date.

At the time, Szilaj Csikó took the trouble to record verbatim the reaction of the Vice President of the Hungarian Parliament to Dóra Dúró's speech, and how a Fidesz and a DK MP, i.e. a government and an opposition MP, reacted to it. The responses and the counter-response can be heard on the web film The fight for the new (COVID) world order has invaded parliaments, and you can see for yourself that there is no significant difference between the government party's and the opposition's demolition of the speaker and their impassioned rejection of his justified and true position.

In order to justify the substance of what I have said, and to authentically recall the high-handed atmosphere of the 'kovidos' of the time, I will merely recall the words of the Vice-President who chaired the sitting, István Jakab:

"Honourable National Assembly! It was not easy for me to listen to the honourable Member. I think she is bound by her oath in this House. This is not an opportunity for propaganda, but for something quite different. For responsible debate. I think that my fellow Members and members of the government will provide the answers that are needed."

In a true, honest democracy, it is unthinkable that the Speaker of Parliament should qualify in this way the otherwise entirely responsible and measured words of any speaker. But just as democracy was suspended during Gyurcsányi's state and police terror in 2006, it was completely turned inside out during the Kovid frenzy. And because Toroczkai and his party were the only major political force to dissect and proclaim the truth about kovid earlier than anyone else, he has gained the recognition and acceptance necessary to be a credible and successful supporter of the publication of The Covid Roulette now that the tide has finally turned. He has been able to mobilise his activists and supporters in abundance to promote and buy the book, including by giving prominence to the highly appreciative and pithy opinion of the party leader on the front cover:

"The Covid Roulette is one of the most intriguing works of all time, a fascinating read that everyone should know. It's about us. It's about all of us. About humanity. The last great confrontation." László Toroczkai

And beyond all that, it is probably thanks to Toroczkai that author and publisher came together. The President of Our Homeland is consciously and carefully seeking contacts with those foreign parties and politicians with whom and with whom there is a better chance of halting or – God willing – reversing the current destructive world trends...

The attractive personality of the author

Thanks to one of Thierry Baudet's most endearing traits – his directness, his outspoken honesty – The Covid Roulette offers not only unexpected but also very enlightening insights.

The author freely admits that he himself was initially a staunch advocate of covert self-indulgences such as closures and masquerade. More than that, he was its main advocate! It is no coincidence that he chose the title of the chapter in question, 'The biggest mistake of my life', in bold letters.

As chairman of the party he founded, the Forum for Democracy, and as the most promising opposition member of the Dutch parliament at the time, he called for the swift introduction of austerity measures by the then hesitant governing coalition. Very early on, in January 2020, he spoke in the House to call for an emergency debate on "the threatening virus coming from China". The House rejected his request. How T. Baudet received the decision is very interesting:

"I couldn't believe the arrogance with which they approached the issue. I was seriously surprised how such an important threat could be taken so lightly."

For this case sheds light on nothing less than one of the explanations for the worldwide silica craze. With engineering precision, the masterminds of the world domination operation calculated that even those who otherwise sincerely care about the fate of their fellow human beings and who, on other issues, courageously oppose the will of the backing powers, the will of the world domination and the ambitions to plunder our freedoms, would fall for the false threat of a pandemic masquerading as a uniquely deadly one.

T. Baudet's party, the Forum for Democracy (FVD), initially gained popularity and spectacular success precisely because it was a grassroots movement that successfully campaigned for a Dutch 'no' vote in the 2016 referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Time – and the whole series of events since then – has shown the exceptional insight of T. Baudet and his party.

"This agreement was the first step towards Ukraine's membership of NATO and the EU. We opposed it six years before the outbreak of the war in 2022, realising that bringing Ukraine into both the US-led anti-Russian military alliance and the European economic bloc would lead to a devastating civil and international war, of which Ukrainians would be the primary victims.

On April 6, 2016, against the opposition of the Dutch mainstream media and virtually all political parties, 61 percent of Dutch voters voted against the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine."

What seems all the more surprising, however, is how little this insight initially extended to the correct assessment of the silica issue.

But of course not! For who would have dared to believe, at the very first moments, that the viciousness of the backing powers had reached a new level and that the mass destruction of human health was no longer enough to prevent the globalist forces from asserting their greedy lust for power and their immense greed. The masterminds of the world domination operation were right to expect that even the best of the political factors, who are considered to be oppositional and radical and who are fighting for the good of humanity, would be driven into their streets by the undoubted good faith and sense of responsibility which is most characteristic of parties and movements from below, which have not yet become entrenched in the system of power and have not yet ossified.

It is also from here that we can understand that those Hungarian opposition parties, which otherwise almost instinctively always oppose the government and the government parties' ambitions, have stood by them wholeheartedly on the issue of kovid. And hence it is also understandable that on this issue T. Baudet was unable to come to an agreement not only with the Dutch national right, but also with many of the leaders of his own party, his fellow fighters.

Insider political tidbits embedded in silk

It was also definitely to the books' credit that, in describing developments in kovid with his own unsearchable frankness, T. Baudet at the same time painted a vivid picture of some of the partisan and personal aspects of Dutch political life. Among other things, it turns out that the author of the book was essentially persuaded to plunge headlong into politics by the bungling falsehoods of the well-known Prime Minister Mark Rutte:

"...Europe has a long tradition of ignoring the results of referendums. The Dutch government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has followed this notorious tradition. After some tweaking, the government voted for the Ukraine Association Agreement outright, as it had done in another case in 2005, after the Dutch voted overwhelmingly against the EU Constitution by a two-thirds majority.

Outraged by the political establishment's disregard for the decision of the Dutch people, I have decided to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Netherlands with the express aim of restoring respect for our democracy, implementing a Swiss-style system of referendums and generally modernising a political world that has been run for decades by the same parties and the same vested interests, using the underhand methods of the backroom deals.

I campaigned first on my bicycle, then with my friends in an old car full of posters and leaflets, going from village to village, from café to market. Finally, for the first time in decades, a 'newcomer' broke the barrier of entry and managed to escape the quarantine of media censorship."

In the headwinds of global domination, however, this astonishing collective success proved insufficient to enable the 'newcomers' to continue their struggle for freedom together.

T. Baudet made a short video in which he said that it was time to "start thinking about a strategy of opening up". However, the government did exactly the opposite of what he proposed: the coercive measures were stepped up and extended first until the end of May, then until June, July, September... Public events were banned and the wearing of masks on public transport was made compulsory. As discontent with the increasingly pointless and ineffective measures grew, the police used violence against the demonstrators, attacking the 'often elderly former hippies' with truncheons, water cannons and attack dogs.

It was equally astonishing to T. Baudet that the prescription of widely used, practically risk-free drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin was also firmly banned and refused. A media campaign was launched about the alleged serious side effects of these drugs, despite the fact that trials in India and elsewhere have shown them to be not only harmless but highly effective in the fight against Covid*.

And T. Baudet has seen the same irrational attitude in all the other countries: irrationality and illogicality have reached global proportions. He was forced to draw the conclusion "as simple and inescapable as it is shocking": the Covid measures had nothing to do with Covid.

The decisions were not taken at national level and not in the interests of public health. Covid measures in different countries were not taken under sovereign national authority. Overall, the scenario was the same everywhere – no wonder the following lines read as if it had happened to us personally:

"... the press conferences of government officials sharing fear-mongering weekly 'scare-news updates'; the dramatic (meaningless and inconclusive) 'debates' in parliaments; mainstream media reports on inflated mortality rates and the different approaches taken by different countries – all giving the impression that the situation is constantly changing and, more importantly, giving the illusion that decisions are being taken by national governments, that the nation's 'health heroes' are providing important 'advice', that the 'experts' are working hard to find solutions, that politicians are listening carefully, when in reality the same measures are being implemented all over the world; the experts, the governments, the media were all saying the same things that Fauci or the WHO mandated 'science' that we are supposed to 'trust'; and the governments were obviously waiting for the same instructions from above, making exactly the same decisions – all the while pretending to be in control and in charge. Everywhere they introduced the same QR codes; nowhere they prescribed the same PCR tests; nowhere they expanded health care in any meaningful way; nowhere they made available the effective medicines that were available. From the outset, the focus was entirely and exclusively on 'vaccines', which gradually turned out to work very little and in many cases had terrible side effects.”

It became abundantly clear to T. Baudet that national governments were implementing a policy that was being written elsewhere. What he did not foresee was the consequences of this, even for his own party, conceived in the struggle for freedom.

The impact of the mainstream media and the power of Covid's policies created such serious tensions that it almost destroyed the Forum – and indirectly the political career of the party leader. "It didn't take much to bring about a total failure," concludes the party's founder and president. For his colleagues, enlightenment was still a long way off. Let's pick one of them and see how he took the party leader's persuasion:

"Whenever I talked about the closures, the masks, the pointless one-and-a-half metre standoff, Hiddema would shrug and say 'it wasn't his virological expertise that got him into politics'. When I replied that neither did I, but that we must resist the dictatorial measures being imposed – the violation of human freedoms, the destruction of the economy, the senseless pressure to vaccinate, etc. etc. – he had little or no reaction."

And because his views were shared by many, two factions began to emerge within the party. The group opposed to the party leader did not want the Forum for Democracy (FVD) to be the political force of resistance to globalism. So their internal disputes intensified. One of the party's senators, who T. Baudet considered to be a typical representative of the 'superficial, unstable right-wing politician', wrote to him in a text message:

"A word of advice for you to take from me: ADD UP your views on Covid. Don't mix academic debate with politics. Do not refer to insignificant persons. Limit yourself to political issues, testing capacity [or lack thereof], etc. This is more than enough subject matter for the opposition."

Well, we can be sure that there have been such internal debates, opposition and warfare in Hungarian party politics. If only because some of my personal contacts have allowed me to see it first hand. Many people shared my covert 'revolutionary' views spread on Szilaj Csiko – and, thanks to others, outside him – but the insiders in question in mainstream politics and the press considered that they could better serve the cause of resistance and defiance if they tried to curb the rampant despotism from the background.

I would mention, for example, Tamás Fricz, who tried to go as far as he could on the issue of silovid quite quickly. Already last year (May 2022), he published an article in Magyar Nemzet, in which, although he did not mention the fatal side effects of "silica vaccines", which were already widely known at that time, he warned that We should keep away from "virus experts" and immediately stop the mandatory vaccinations imposed on us internationally: António Guterres and compulsory vaccination – so far and no further!

The fact is that at that time the Hungarian government (and Prime Minister) finally stopped its typical behaviour of following the international guidelines (instructions) (the only exception was the acceptance of Russian and Chinese vaccines). Merkely and his fellow 'experts', however, were eager to continue to blow the 'prescribed' canon of globalist hardliners; but what was even more frightening was that the 'policing' and 'justice' machinery of power could not stop.

József Tamasi, a prominent founder and board member of the Doctors for Clarity movement, said in a TV programme that almost a hundred people had been prosecuted in Hungary for trying to obtain the potable mineral from abroad. It says a lot about our democracy's unfortunately frequent legal dislocations that they have been accused of 'counterfeiting' medicines. But it is also true that our colleague József Maleczki was first convicted by a judge on the same nonsense charge and then thanked privately for his rare humanity. It is important to add that, according to the machinery, the accused 'committed' the 'crime' by asking for the medicine to be cleared through customs; if he had not asked, Postavám would have sent it back to India and no criminal proceedings would have been brought against him...

Well (at the contact address just given) it is very instructive to read the whole ordeal of our colleague. For example, because they were able to use intelligence methods against this "rare humanity" Hungarian citizen, police and prosecutors were able to lie, to falsify – and on top of all that, they convicted him in early 2023! So, when the whole world already knew about the official crimes in the silica case! For example, doctors and hospitals were paid substantial commissions to book a wide variety of diseases as silicides and treat them according to 'proper' standards – not once a murderous 'protocol'. But by then it was also well known that the 'vaccinations', the 'boosters' and 'boosters' pushed by the powers that be were scandalously useless and dangerous; as was the real reason for banning and persecuting 'alternative' drugs like ivermectin and alternative treatments, in order to remove all obstacles to the world's inundation of experimental drugs.

But let's get back to the exciting party political history of The Covid Roulette!

T. Baudet personally raised his serious concerns with the Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders, who is also quite widely known in our country:

"In this particular situation, are we not obliged to refuse vaccination on political principle? To prevent the construction of this absurd apartheid, to put a stop to this aberrantly controlled society? Are we not in fact witnessing the creation of a totalitarian state under the guise of public health?"

Although the FVD, led by T. Baudet, and the Freedom Party (PVV), led by Wilders, are close on a number of issues, when it comes to Covid, vaccines and the Great Reboot as a by-product, it turns out that their positions are miles apart. But to convince him of the need to stand together in the fight for freedom and democracy, T. Baudet took the trouble to persuade Wilders with point-by-point facts and arguments. So correctly and logically that I am obliged to quote his entire letter verbatim from the book, if only because then, in the light of Wilders' reply, we can once again see the astonishing irrationality of the whole silk frenzy, the painful and astonishing disregard for common sense.

So the letter:

Dear Geert!

To admit to an experimental "vaccine" that has little effect, that causes severe side effects, that has unknown long-term risks, is to admit that Covid is a very dangerous virus (and it is not); that it is a virus to be feared (because why else would we take this risky vaccine? ); and thus retroactively legitimising the closures and other freedom-restricting measures we were told were 'necessary' until the 'vaccine' came along.

Moreover, we also pre-legitimise the next lockdown as soon as the (inevitable) 'new variants' arrive; to be followed, of course, by other new 'vaccines' (as Rosanne Herzberger, columnist for the NRC's Dutch newspaper, put it: 'vaccinated patients are the primary evidence of rapidly declining immunity. So there will be a third vaccine and a fourth, and new mutations are constantly coming along that require a fifth, sixth and seventh vaccine (...) This kind of very weak reasoning should normally be taken with a grain of salt, yet we heard it over and over again during the Covid crisis.") If you were vaccinated in the first round and probably received the booster, what justification do you have for saying you are no longer willing to join when the next round of vaccination starts? You can never get out of this, you are on a perpetual cycle of spreading another mutation, new lock-in, new "reminders", new "entry permits", new variant outbreak, new lock-in, and so on.

The key argument: by interacting with the vaccination program, installing the "vaccination certificate" on your smartphone, accepting it as a pass and using it for identification, you are facilitating the "new normal". Through lockdowns and social distancing, we have come to semi-mandatory vaccinations and a "QR society" that constantly demands we "prove" our health status. This means that everything you do can be constantly monitored and checked. This is a necessary step towards a society deprived of its freedom, the terrifying consequences of which are not hard to see.”

Well, in his short Twitter response, Wilders called the sender of the letter a "raving lunatic". He didn't believe that vaccines could have any purpose or future effect other than merely serving 'public health'. And in line with this view, his party continued to support booster vaccines...

Another very fascinating and instructive part of The Covid Roulette is how the author's party's internal opposition, which thought and behaved like Wilders, attempted to get rid of the party's founder and chairman in a lowly coup, to discredit him in the public eye by methods unknown to us, and to make him the victim of character assassination; and how T. Baudet finally managed to fend off the coup attempt and to create a unity in his party that was perhaps unprecedented. Readers will find out more about all this in the book, but for the purposes of this tribute, the author speaks about it as honestly and with sympathetic reserve as he does about everything else; he is not given to grandstanding, to hatred or exaggeration, or to political correctness wrapped in a false equivocation, as fashionable as it is false.

Moderate completeness

It is a great virtue of the book that it has managed to achieve completeness – or at least an exhilarating experience of completeness – on the chosen subject without the reader having to wrestle with any superfluous detail. There is now an incredible wealth of factual material and literature on the issue of silicosis unleashed on the world, and it took real authorial talent to take the essence of it all and put it together in a way that not only gives the reader important insights, but also provides a good overview and an exciting reading experience.

The chronological overview is a particularly welcome part of the book, as is the brief but pithy portrait of the main players in the global crisis of silovids. But the greatest spiritual experience is undoubtedly to walk with the author towards enlightenment, even if this enlightenment has already occurred in the personal lives and destinies of some of us. Together with Thierry Baudet, we can experience the whole spiritual process in which doubt becomes certainty; in which our own struggle for truth, our own conspiracy theories, are followed by the irrefutable testimony of the conspiracy theories of others.

A reader-friendly publication

Finally, the publisher is to be commended for its workmanship. Most of all, the sparsely and loosely spaced text is very readable, which is not a bad thing for such a wide-ranging and complex subject. Considering the thickness of the book, it even has the advantage of being able to move very quickly towards the conclusion.

But more importantly, reading the last lines, we put the book down with the same sense of satisfaction that we have when we read a relatively rare masterpiece in our lifetime.


* A comment from one of our readers who is well versed in the subject: unfortunately, hydroxychloroquine is not a harmless drug. Although all indications and experience suggest that it is effective and efficient against Covid, unfortunately it can be fatal if overdosed even 2-3 times. This is precisely what was exploited in a clinical trial at the time: an overdose of the drug caused many patients to die, and the results of the trial were published in the Lancet, the most prestigious medical journal, with the conclusion that hcq was ineffective and life-threatening. (Later, to the best of my knowledge, the Lancet was forced to retract this study after it was found that the drug trial had been manipulated to prove ineffectiveness and inefficacy – and also dangerousness.) The greatest 'virtue' of ivermectin is that it has no dangerous side effects even when overdosed several times. This is why the 'horse-worm killer' card has been drawn.

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